Location of Pitches

Te Puke Domain 1 – Queen Street end (grass)

Te Puke Domain 2 – School end (grass)

Fairhaven School* – (artificial) bowl from one end only to protect building windows

Intermediate School* (artificial)

Litt Park* – Park Lane off Cameron Road (artificial)

Centennial 9 (grass)

Centennial 10 (artificial)

Centennial 11 (artificial)

* School grounds – please remember – no smoking, no alcohol allowed

Our local schools provide us with most of our artificial wickets and allow us to use the facility providing we respect the no smoking and no alcohol policies. Please ensure you are not the team responsible for us losing the use of these grounds, thanks

After match catch up and prize giving will be at 8.00pm. Please return cards with ground fees as soon as possible. If your team is not returning to the Pavilion, please give your card and team fee to your opponents – no score card means no points for either team and no entry to the bar tab prize draw

Ground fees same as last year: $4 per player = $32 per team

Cancellations due to rain will be notified to Team Captains by text/email.

Cancelled matches will not be played on another day